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Published: 27th October 2009
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G scale model trains started out with Ernst Paul Lehmann in 1881. The company was Lehmann Brothers Bahn or LGB for short. These trains are the largest trains that model hobbyists deal with. They 1:22 or one twenty-second in size compared to real trains. A G scale model train has a length of 26.7 inches and a height of 6 inches. O scale trains are 16.1 inches long and 3.6 inches in height; which is 1:148 scale. All other model trains are much smaller in size.

G scale model trains are referred to as Garden Railroading because the G is brief gro in German which stands for big in German language. It runs on 1 gauge track which has a 45 mm span between rails. These trains are very durable which makes them ideal for gardens or outdoors. The tracks are made completely out of brass so they need very little maintenance. All you need to do is wipe the track with a clean cloth and you are ready to use again.

The G scale model train can be used indoors also and parents and children alike can enjoy these trains for many years to come. Smaller children might have trouble handling the bigger trains versus HO scale or smaller scales. The most famous manufacturers of G scale are Bachmann and Aristocraft. Trains weren't produced under the LGB name until 1968 before it was called Lehmann Big Train. They produce both European and US original models of steam, diesel , and electric prototypes and wide range of coaches , trucks and accessories.

The only thing consistent with G scale model train is the track size, the trains vary in size from country to country.

The great thing about the G scale model trains they can be put outside in the garden or yard and one can use the natural environment for the scenery in the system you build. Plus they are durable and easy to operate for people of almost any age and will last a lifetime for your enjoyment. These trains can be put anywhere you want but they do take up a lot more room than other trains sizes.

After all these years in G scale model trains there are basically 3 manufacturers and they are Aristocrat and Bachmann and LGB. There is also a toy train made by New Bright for kids. These trains are among the most popular of all sizes.

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